New products

GLOBSPEED has significantly expanded and improved its machinery. The implementation was carried out as part of the project from the EU Fund: “Improving the competitiveness of the GLOBSPEED company by implementing innovative processes for producing innovative wooden packaging with increased resistance to weather conditions and bactericidal and fungicidal properties”, which we have already written about.

Let us just remind you that the main goal of the planned project is to increase the company’s innovation and competitiveness by launching the production of second-generation wooden packaging with bactericidal and fungicidal properties.

Thanks to recent investments and the purchase of some of the best quality machines on the market, our company has significantly improved the precision of manufactured products and the development of new, more durable, reusable wooden packaging.

We are introducing new packaging to our portfolio, including: ECORACK and ECOBOX. In the future, this will also influence the development of new ecological packaging.

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