In this industry, the product is very sensitive to damage, and all even small defects in the packaging can lead to damage or breakage. GLOBSPEED wooden packaging is designed with due care to prevent potential damage. The dynamic development of the glass industry is visible - so packaging must meet current and future market expectations.

Thanks to the careful and solid design and workmanship, our wooden racks for transporting, storing and distributing glass can be used many times, which is an interesting and more economical alternative to, for example, metal racks.

Packaging for this sector in the GLOBSPEED offer includes:

L-type racks, A-type racks, inclined A-racks, inclined L-racks, Lid-racks, Open-work racks, Solid wooden crates, Open-work wooden crates, Plywood crates.

We produce our packaging according to our own designs, but we also adapt to the customer's needs. We have full technical documentation for our products. All packaging is designed by engineers and approved by a design office cooperating with us.

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