In fact, the only limit is our imagination. Did you know that GLOBSPEED is not only a Wooden Packaging Factory? We also have our own sawmill, which allows us to react quickly to unusual orders. GLOBSPEED is also a manufacturer of wooden houses and other unusual projects.

GLOBSPEED has a specialized machine park enabling:

  • cutting sawn timber and square timber with high accuracy
  • multi-saw trimming to production dimensions
  • wood planing and milling
  • trimming wood in the round, e.g. discs for spools/drums
  • turning of wooden products from 300mm to 4000mm
  • wood drying, if required by the recipient, together with thermal treatment of the so-called IPPC

We produce our packaging according to our own designs, but we also adapt to the customer's needs. We have full technical documentation for our products. All packaging is designed by engineers and approved by a design office cooperating with us.

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