Mission and vision

Our passion is work and wood!

With undisguised pleasure, we have been combining these two passions for years and create something unique that we are proud of. Wood is not only timelessly beautiful, but also extremely environmentally friendly.

Our "know-how" and qualified staff can make almost anything out of wood. This allows us to successfully propose alternative solutions for various packaging systems, e.g. made of steel. All the material we obtain comes from certified sources, which is why we are sure that the products we offer do not contribute to environmental degradation and support the strategy of sustainable development.

Our offer

We offer standards as well as tailor-made solutions!

You do not know how to safely and optimally transport your product - we have experience, we will do it for you - write to us, we will offer you several options. Each of our products, before being implemented, undergoes strength tests and is checked for quality.

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About us

We are a family company that has been on the market for years!

Over the years, we have gone through a wonderful journey, from a small company providing services on the local market to a company supporting our clients throughout Poland and the world. Not only with its high-quality products, but also with substantive and implementation support.

As a family business, we care about the atmosphere and safety of our employees. And our decision-making process is short, which allows us to efficiently adapt to current market situations. Today, GLOOBSPEED continues its adventure focusing on sustainable development and investments in key technologies. There are more transformations ahead of us, which we can't wait for.

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